It's important to surround yourself with things you love. They help motivate you, inspire you and drive your vision forward! So what do we love here at Dendō? We'll show you!  Each week we'll dedicate a blog post to show what we love. That said, let's jump right in:

This week's love goes out to the Perfect Grade Gundam line by Bandai. Note up front, we don't recommend jumping in head first into the PG model line. Each kit contains easily 1000 individual pieces and that doesn't count the optional LED lighting harness for the Unicorn Gundam line. That said though, these kits are absolutely amazing! Bandai took great care to capture every detail possible and the engineering that went into the runners is second to none. Because of this, minimal cleanup is required on each piece which is great because of the part count mentioned above. 

Straight out of the box builds can easily last two weeks. If you elect to custom paint your model be prepared to tack on a few months! Ours pictured are straight builds but we've seen kits that have been custom painted and they really are works of art!

We still find ourselves looking over these kits as a source of inspiration for Dendō. Hopefully Bandi keeps creating these kits and we can add to the squadron in the near future! 

Thanks for reading and make sure to stop back next week for more things we love!

-Dan and Kristina

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